At Haniwood, we specialise in frames and slats for beds and sofas.

We supply semi-manufactured goods to the timber and furniture industries and deliver special products and joinery.

Haniwood produces high-quality frames for spring mattresses and sofas, and bed slats. We supply standard and tailor-made solutions and semi-manufactured goods for the furniture industry in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Bed frames

We make finished frames and component parts for wooden base spring mattresses.

Sofa frames

Frames and components tailor-made for your sofas

Bed slats

Slats – standard or made-to-measure Always high quality

Line of machines making side pieces

We offer to shorten pre-packed timber using a chainsaw

Our Clients Say

“Haniwood is our supplier because they are flexible, and their products are of reasonable quality at a good price. At Haniwood we are sure to get the product we need.”
“Haniwood is for over 10 years a very good supplier for us. They deliver high quality frames are very flexible regarding delivery times. Moreover, we alway have an open and direct way of communication.”

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